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Talk about "classic"

Oh, this is hysterical.

"Michael has *always* said that he would be happy to return if they met his terms. Ergo, they must have met his terms. I don't know what his terms were, but can speculate they revolved around the use of his character, since his reasons for leaving revolved around the use of his character."

Joe: Sorry. No one met anyone's "terms". This wasn't a hostage negotiation.

"If S6 was doing so well, there would be no need for Scifi/MGM/Bridge etc to bring MS back or return to mythology etc that JM has said they are doing."

Joe: You're right there. There was no need. Only a desire to have Michael back and let him finish what he had started. As for a return to mythology - the show will continue to offer varied storylines - off-world/Earth-based/stand-alone/arc-driven episodes. I can guarantee you it won't be turning into a "planet of the week" series.

"JM's version of events is that he phoned MS out of the goodness of his heart.....Yeh, right! Could it be that he was TOLD to phone MS and get him back on board or there would be no season 7?"

Joe: Alas, you're wrong. The fact is, a lot of things had to fall into place for season 7 to go. SciFi had let us know as early as Gatecon that they wanted a seventh season. MGM worked hard ever since to make it a reality. By the time of John Smith's appearance, a major obstacle had been hurdled and things looked very good - but there were still things that needed to be worked out.

Sorry, no stipulation either. The desire for more exploration was simply a personal desire for more stand-alone stories. Of course, desire doesn't necessarily translate to reality and there is, of course, plenty of opportunity to pursue more Earth-based NID-conspiracy centered episodes.

"yes I think we will have some classic Stargate in season 7 cos I suspect every single cast member will be having a clause about writing input and story approval written into their contracts"

Joe: I'll forgive you that one since, clearly, you're uneducated about the realities of television production. Writing input and story approval? That's good.

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