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Had my interview today, and it went well. There were only two people interviewing me, both women, one who I kind of knew already, so it wasn't very intimidating. Technically they can't admit me until my CBEST scores come in, but that's just a formality since they should be emailed to me on Tuesday or Wednesday. The most exhausting part was driving to Stockton and back (35-40 miles - 50-60 kilometers - each way). I got home around 1:30, had lunch, and slept for three hours :D

Now, with a week until Christmas, I can finally stop thinking about school-related things. Or I can at least try.

After my next semester, if all goes well, I will be graduating. I think the actual ceremony is in May. Then I'll "move back home" and get a job. Now, depending on how heavy my schedule will be for my credential classes, I may be able to keep that job on a part-time basis even after school is back in session. That would be very nice financially, not so nice in terms of being on the go all the time, but at the same time I think having a steady income would be a stress-reliever. Then, again, if all goes well, I would start student teaching in the spring of 2005 -- a year from now. I still don't know exactly where I would be doing that, and I guess I'm a little afraid to ask. I don't want to have to drive out to Stockton or something every single day. Talk about exhausting. Hopefully, since Oakley isn't to terribly far off the beaten path, I can get a placement there or in Brentwood or even Bethal Island.

And now I'm just talking to myself, because with the exception of Katt, none of you even know where those places are!

In other news, I may start prepping for painting tomorrow. Patching holes, taking stuff out to the garage, that kind of thing. Right now I have kind of a... light cerulean blue. I'm going to be changing to a very pale green. My dad's also going to make me a new loft bed that I can fit my desk underneath, to give me more space in the room. I can't help but think all this niceless is just a ploy to keep me from wanting to move out on my own as soon as I have money in the bank... ;)

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