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I have a new LJ layout

Yes, again.

Isn't it pretty? And blue? I like blue :)
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Might have to change the text colour from black to white - it's a bit hard to read :) - but, yes, very pretty.

Licence to Ship. Heh. *giggles*
This one. The all-round general your-post-is-typed-in-this-colour colour. It's coming through as black on a dark navy background.
That's odd. It's white to me. I'll play in the settings and see if I can figure out why...

really pretty!!!!

so feeling creative to make other lj layouts? ;)
Well, hmm, we kind of have to be online at the same time and I would have to walk you through it. Do you have a paid account?
*g* whatever you say as far as you do change it to a nice looking lj ;) always could give the password and you do the hard work, but it would be really mean from me so I won't ;)