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Finding Saddam

Enough folks have posted links that I don't feel the need to. But I did feel like I had to say something.

This is a terrific day for our troops and the coalition, certainly, but right now I'm the happiest for the Iraqis. Even after the statues fell and the minions were seized, there must have always been that lingering fear in the back of their minds, spurred by the unsatisfactory end of the first Gulf War. Would the troops leave with their work unfinished? Would the dictator re-emerge, take hold of the country again, and punish those who had not whole-heartedly supported him?

Now, thank God, the Iraqi people don't have to worry about Saddam coming out of the woodwork. The rat has been found in his hole, captured and carried away without a fight, and the people will be able to see him put on trial for his crimes against humanity.

Score one for the intelligence community and the U.S. military, and for the free Iraqi people.

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