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Dammit, I'm out of signs *sigh*

More stupid quotes, these gems pulled from the "Our Danielicious Stargate" forum pertaining to the Sam/Jack list and Sam/Jack in general.

"They wish she'd just see the light and accept that S/J is the way it's meant to be. No, MS isn't the only one who's faced the wrath of the S/J list; AT certainly has as well. Sigh."

Oh yeah. I bet both of them double check the locks on their doors and windows every night, the persistent fear of attacking shippers plaguing their dreams. *snerk*

Oh, I know what it comes down to... samandjack - like the S/J relationship on the show - has little to nothing to do with Daniel. Therefore, it is bad. And all the shippers are just mindless robots under the maniacal control of the eeevil HW listmod. Please. Some of the people on the list obviously have a difference of opinion with AT on the subject of ship. Some are a little too vocal about it. But as long as they don't get rude, there's no point in sitting on those posts. This, boys and girls, is what's known as a 'dictatorship'.

I'm a firm believer in people being able to think what they like, write what they like, believe what they like - but leave the onscreen stuff alone, 'kay? Fans are more than able to project great steaming romance from the smallest and most subtle of hints, they don't need tptb to help them along, honest...

Translation: How dare the writers of a TV show put something in their program that contradicts what I want to see/believe? If everything was just left well enough alone, and Danny and Jack spent lots of special time together and Jack related to Sam as a scientist and nothing more, all would be right with the world and people could think what they like, write what they like, believe what they like...

*goes to restock on I'm Stupid signs for OS*
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