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Sickie update

Not much to say. Still feel like crap. Here's hoping my meeting with my English prof will go quickly when he sees how pathetically dead I look. Then I just have to pack up my car, sit through Service Learning, and I'm outta here. And know what I'm going to do when I get home? Take some of my codeine-laced cough syrup and SLEEP.

When I went to the pharmacy yesterday for my monthly Rx, the pharmacist told me that I was supposed to call my doctor and make an appointment (she probably wants to make sure I'm not an addict or something). I called yesterday, and it rang and rang and rang. I called this morning, and to my shock actually got through. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hi, I'm calling to make an appointment."
Office: "I'm sorry, but we're completely booked."
Me: "Okaaay... well, the reason I'm calling is because when I picked up my prescription, my pharmacist told me to make an appointment."
Office: "Is that a cold you've got?" (I even sound sick over the phone.)
Me: "Well, yes, but that's unrelated. This has to do with my prescription. I was told to call and make an appointment."
Office: "Oh! Who's your doctor?"
Me: "Patel."
Office: "How's 3:15 on the 15th?"

*sarcastic* Wow, I'm glad they're not booked or anything.

The scary thing is, this cold that's going around supposably isn't even the monster flu that started in Texas. Gee, nice to have something else to look forward to.

Okay, I guess I should bundle up and start heading for my professor's office. Because he just had to have these little meetings with all of us. I could still be sleeping right now, but no!

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