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Man, I'm really sick of... being sick. I mean, I'm certainly better (although not because of the meds) but I'm just short of 100%. And it's annoying. I'm going into work (tutoring) this afternoon anyway, because I don't want to miss the entire week, since next week will be my last. Then after that, I don't know where my spending money is going to be coming from. Sigh.
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That sucks. I hate feeling sick too. Really hope you get back to 100% soon.

And the tutoring sounds bad too. Is there no prospect of tutoring next semester?
No, although I wish there was. Tutoring is from 2:30 to 3:30, Monday through Thursday, and next semester I'll have class during that time every day. And these are all classes I have to take either to graduate, or get my credential. It's nothing I can change.
That certainly makes things difficult. I used to be able to get paid to supervise a 1st year programming class when I was in 3rd year. Paid well too. Are there options for anything like that? (I know that the University systems are very different.) What about doing something else for money on the side?
There's probably something else out there. The problem is finding something, applying for it, and having to get acclimated all over again. And I'm sure it wouldn't pay as well as tutoring ($10/hr ;))