Heh. That's funny.

And while I would not myself be part of the Conservative Coming Out Day, the article has a very valid point that I'm vocal about whenever given the chance--as long as both sides are civil and work with facts, they are valid viewpoints. There's an alarming increase in vitriolic backlash against conservatives and it's appalling to me how acceptable it's become, and it makes me ashamed to even be thought of as a liberal.
Wow, that's nice to see.

If we did that here we'd be beaten down by all those leftys. Who am I kidding we DO do that here and are beaten down by those leftys. In high school I wore a 'Liberal Party' (Australian equivalent to the Republican Party) badge on my bag one day and I was bagged out all day.

Gun control is a really big issue in this part of the state, too. Especially because the biggest day of hunting season is coming up on monday.