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Don't worry... BEE happy...

22,506. Bleh.
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::cowers in fear::

... so, one more question. Do you have a stylesheet defined? If so, where on earth did you put it, and how did you get your LJ to point to it?
What's a style sheet?

Everything about my lj that's 'different' from the norm, I did in that 'customization' section.
Grr. Argh.
Okay, I'm GOING to get this. THIS is my problem. Give me notepad and photoshop, I can give you a website in 3 hours. Give me a WYSIWYG, and I get all kinds of confused. I'm some sort of idiot savant.

PS: How's the frustrated writer thing going? Care to take a stab at some S/J fic as a reprieve? ::nudges alli::