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I'm such a little shit-disturber

Good post to maybe skip past if you're not into international politics and/or are a Brit. No offense, I just couldn't pass this up ;)

I tend to steal things from Lee's blog a lot, being the font of useful information that he is. I don't always agree with him, but his blog opened up a whole new internet world to me. So hopefully he doesn't mind my snagging things from time to time. It's all about sharing the love, conservative brothers and sisters ;)

Anyway, the latest bit from Lee was actually from one of his readers, a Brit sharing his thoughts about our President and the UK's reaction to him. Since this is someone else's (not Lee's) work, I'm going to post the link instead. Becc and Allie especially, take a gander at this. I think it's quite, if I may say so, brilliant. ;)

A Letter from Blighty.

Here's an interesting... counterpoint of a sort. Sorta.

(In other news, I'm that close to 20,000 :D)

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