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*having a moment*

I pulled this out of Jimmy T's blog where he's discussing the effects in Revolutions and generally the life and times of visual effects guys. Anyway, there was a description of a part of the movie that was just, like, wow, and I had to share.

"Neo and Trinity, for just a moment, break through the dark clouds and rise up above, where there is light, real light. It's been so long. Neither of them has ever seen light. And even now Neo can't see it. And Trinity's breath hitches and as fast as it came, it's gone and again and they fall back to the dark, dark earth."

I know it's small, but it just gives me a shiver. Something about having words to put to the images in my memory.

The post this came from was in reply to this 'guest post' to his blog from a Matrix VFXer.
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