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I am gonna be a novel-writing fool this weekend.

And because bantering characters make me smile...

They all thought that he was insane.

"You're insane," said Red.

"Totally lost it," agreed Aiden happily.

Johnny laughed. "My man, there're no words for how completely you lost possession of your faculties."

"'Faculties', big word," said Red, nodding approvingly.

"We are in an institute of higher education," Aiden pointed out. "It's only right we should be furthering our knowledge."

"Then why is our fearless leader acting like such a fool?" wondered Johnny.

Red shrugged. "He's a man," she said simply.

Sometimes, thought Hunter, they made him dizzy.

He sat down heavily in a padded armchair, muttering as the floral print rose up to swallow him. Faculty lounge furniture was no more fashionable now than it had been when he'd been in college, he noted, and that realization was followed by another... he and this armchair were probably from the same era. "I thought you guys were okay with the plan?" he asked, grimacing at the whiny, desperate tone of his voice.

"Oh, we are," Red assured him with a little wave of her hand.

"Completely on board," agreed Aiden happily.

"One-hundred percent," pledged Johnny.

Perched on the edge of the coffee table, Red crossed her arms with a pleased air. "Which means we're every bit as certifiable as you are."

Aiden looked around the room and smiled. "At least I'm in good company."

Hunter paused, baffled... and then shook his head. "You guys are messing with me."

"Lightening the atmosphere," Johnny corrected, hunching down and checking his reflection in a smudged mirror. "We get our panties in too big a twist, we're gonna freak. That simple."

Aiden appeared contemplative. "What if we're not wearing any?"



As though on cue, Red and Johnny groaned.

"Seriously, though," said Aiden, grinning at his compatriot's reactions, "If we thought this idea was really suicidal, we'd say something."

"To hell with saying something," snorted Red. "We'd tie you up and stick you in a closet until the urge passed."

"The point is," continued the young man, continuing as though he hadn't been interrupted, "going into the Ark, breaking into OmniMed... it is pretty crazy. But that's part of the beauty of the plan. It's so nuts, no one will be expecting it. And the potential payoff is... is..."

"Bitchin'," supplied Red.

"'Bitchin'," Johnny echoed, looking impressed. "You've been workin' on your vocab, too."

"I'm always working on improving myself," Red confided.

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