Actually, so am I. I think where the problems come in is when fans of the original show think the next series is going to be very similar or exactly like the preceding show and when it's not they lose interest. Personally, I'm going to give it a fair shake and if it sucks, it sucks, but I'm not going to doom it before it's even aired.
I'm looking forward to it, too. It' reminds me of the anticipation I felt when DS9 was about to spin out of control off. Really, I hope that Atlantis does well, and that it doesn't suffer the cruel fate of "Crusade." *snif* I loved that show.
I get the feeling I'm kind of in the minority on this one

Really? I've so not been paying attention. I'm continuing to look forward to it the more I hear about it. :-)
in fact I am too, I want to see what is all about and then when I see it I will decide if I will keep watching it or not but I can't choose in advance without real knowledge.

so whenever it airs, sends it my way ;) if I have to wait, I could wait ages.