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So that was fun


It was about 12:35am and I decided I wasn't tired. Plus I hadn't brushed my teeth yet. So I got out of bed, turned on the computer, and went to the bathroom to brush while the puter booted. I'm just finishing up when - boom - the lights go out.

Reportedly across the entire campus.

And at least a few city blocks.

No computer. No bathroom light. No filter for my fishies!

Of course the 2nd and 3rd floors trample downstairs as though we know any better than they do what's going on. RA calls public safety, and their power is out too. So we all sit in the hallway by the meager light of the emergency light, yakking and complaining and generally having a merry old time. Yeah, whatever.

Even more fun, despite the lack of power there is this wonderful piercing alarm going off in the entrance.

More fun still, the battery in the emergency light ain't doing so hot. Way to go public safety inspectors.

So those of us with battery-powered alarms set them; the rest figure the 'power failure' excuse is as good as any to sleep in. After a rousing game of solitare on my PDA, I decide to just stuff my head under my pillow and try to get some rest, cause after all I did try to go to bed early tonight.

And just when I'm drifting off...

The power comes back on.

Two lights. The computer. The fishtank, the fridge. The microwave beeps. And across campus, a general chorus of "Yay!"

And a few minutes later...

"Good night!"


"Good night, John-boy."


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