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Some thoughts on DannyGate

So it basically comes down to this:

If TPTB and everyone can put MS's mudslinging and temper tantrums behind them, I'm happy for them. I honestly am. I hope he's learned something in the last year and will be a little more appreciative of what he has. I know they say the grass is always greener, but considering his career was pretty much out to pasture... ok, I'm going to be nice now *g*

My... annoyance, for lack of a better word, comes from knowing the kind of, er, junk we're going to have to put up with from you know who. I mean it's already started. "Oh, we're so proud of ourselves." "Well, SDJers aren't a minority after all!" "Well if you're not thrilled about Daniel coming back, stop watching!" and so forth. My annoyance actually has very little to do with Daniel and more with his ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, raised-in-a-barn fans. Not all of his fans, mind you, just those ones.

Would I prefer a S7 without Daniel? Ya sure you betcha. I've totally loved the first half of S6 and I really do think part of that has to do with the absence of the gloomy gus we saw more and more of from, say, OoM until Meridian. Plus I adore Jonas and love what AT's done with her character (RDA and CJ are awesome; it's a given). And it's really...
yucky to even *ponder* the *notion* that those bits are going to get sidelined because Shanks et al decided a year in exile was enough. It just doesn't seem right to me that an actor can come and go as he pleases without any, or much, thought as to how his actions are affecting others.


I didn't start watching the show during S6, knowing nothing but blissful Jonasness ;) I started watching, for all intents and purposes, during Season 4, when Shanks was right in the middle of his 'Me, me, me, me" stage. And it still grabbed me and hauled me in. And heck, back then there was NO CN to light up my life-- er, the TV screen. Of course I'm still going to watch, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it; I've no evidence to the contrary at this point.

And if I'm more critical of Daniel and/or his actor, well, that's my prerogative. And if I'm less apologetic about defending and discussing the things I DO like (even if certain listnazis have conniption fits), well, ditto. Unfortunately, even though it's far from the truth, the perception of events thus far leads to the interpretation that being rude and nasty is effective. That's why I don't expect to see any olive branches of the non-condescending/gloating species handed down from they who must not be named. As far as they care, their reprehensible tactics worked. And again, that's not really anyone's fault... that's just how it went down.

But anyway, my wish list at this point...

- Jonas remains on the show

- Jonas remains on the team

- Jonas and Daniel become friends

- Amanda retains 2nd billing (and if I was a really good girl this year, Chris retains 3rd)

- SciFi refrains from promoting SG1 as the RDA and MS show. Puke.

- Shanks acts... even when the camera isn't pointed directly at him

- And, of course, ship. I would actually pay money to get some kind of shippy comment from Daniel (because if he's going to be there, we may as well put him to good use *g*)

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