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I'd like to thank the Acadamy...

As I pretty much figured, I started the Monster Essay about 2 days before the due date, and now, after not moving from this godforsaken little chair for about 7 hours... I'm done! Done done done! Well, with the rough draft anyway. 12 pages (have to expand it to 15 for the final) and 13 beautiful sources. I bow at the feet of Infotrac.

Of course, this now means I have no energy to do the rest of tomorrow's homework - namely finishing my prep sheet for Child Devel and coming up with a thesis for my language paper (oh yeah, that's due next week isn't it?) but hey... that's what tomorrow's for, right?

I also have no idea what to do for my final observation paper... I just don't have a chance to observe little kids doing little kid stuff. Guess I could always whip up some BS on violence in cartoons. Part credit's better then no credit, marginally.


To top it off, Doc chooses tonight (well, last night, but I didn't know about it then) to release her latest hellrasier. While I was being a good student and working on my monster essay, some of the other girls got into reading it and, well... I'm afraid of it now. I've read the first two and last two parts of the 12 part saga (and yeah, it's a saga. And a half) and I don't know if I can bear to read the middle eight. Seeing all the collective "Oh my God"s in chat from the half-dozen people wrapped up in it kinda tends to freak me out. Not that I have anything specific against torture fic, but I'm used to it being (a) about Daniel and (b) badly done to the point of sick humor. But Doc... nu-uh. When she goes a-whumpin' she does it right.

Oh well. I guess I can always wait til this summer to tackle it. Not like it's going anywhere, right?

Oh, and for the SDJ update. Heheh. Apparently they have taken down their Trolls page. Apparently, normals folks thought it was kinda messed up for them to not only allow people to flame TPTB but to also single out and mock fans who *gasp* disagree with the campaign. So looks like it went buh-bye. Humph. And it was so entertaining and all..

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