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Well hello there

I was mostly not around this weekend.

I'm sure you all missed me.

Now I'm back at school, making endless trips to my car because I brought a lot of stuff back this weekend. Because I'm not going home next weekend. Because the folks are getting new carpet, which means everything that's currently on carpet needs to be elsewhere, and, well, I just don't want to be around for that.

[Brief pause for Trip to Car #3]

So this weekend I didn't really do any writing. I did, however, go shopping. I got a couple of long-sleeved shirts for those bitterly cold California winter days, and a lovely pale blue angora sweater. Ahh. And, whilst cleaning my room in preparation for the aforementioned carpet-o-rama, I found another scarf and two hats!

[Trip to Car #4]

Also this weekend, I bought Finding Nemo and saw Matrix: Revolutions. Nemo, of course, is just one of the cutest dang movies in existance. As far as Revolutions... I don't know. I've heard that people either loved it or hated it. I can't say I feel either way. It was definately entertaining, the fx were spectacular (for most of the 'defending the dock' scenes, I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open), there was some nice humor and you can't really say it was an unhappy ending, because Zion was saved and most of the peripheral characters stayed alive. However, the principle characters really got the shaft, didn't they? Trin died, Neo is who-knows-where, and Morpheus... was he even in this movie?

I know some of you really dug the angst factor. But for me, it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It would be hard to go back and watch the first two movies and really enjoy it. What can I say -- I like happy endings. This wasn't happy, it wasn't unhappy, it was just... sad. And kind of anticlimactic.

I definitely didn't leave the theatre with the same buzz as I did after seeing the first two movies. The 'original' Matrix was just a trip and a half; you were still trying to wrap your mind around the concept and it was just so cool. I still remember my 12th grade calc teacher gushing over it and making all of us promise that we would go see it. Reloaded was, IMO, a little over the top (the fight scenes went on two long, and was there any real purpose behind the albino twins other than Oooh! Looky what we can do with CGI!? Still, Neo was like this weird, dark, cool superhero. He flew. He kicked ass. He saved Trin. Which is what makes Rev - particularly the end - kind of like... huh?

Like I said, there were cool parts. But unless there goes on to be a 4th movie where a resurrected Trinity searches the machine city for her lost love (it would be animated by Pixar and titled Finding Neo), the Matrix triology will not be a highlight in my mind.

[Trip #5]

This week I want to start thinking about plans for the next issue of WH, but... I'll put that in another post.

My dad got the new Toby CD. Oh my God, I just about died when I heard The Taliban Song. How awesome is TK?


All done!

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