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Interesting link: Internet Littered with Dead Web Sites.

I'm heading back to school a little early today because driving that stretch of road at night is no fun. And it'll be even darker this evening because of the cloud cover. It'll be nice, though, because I think my dorm room provides a more nano-writing-friendly atmosphere than my house. Plus I've been fighting the stupid lappy and retarded desktop all weekend. And since we're getting new carpet in a couple weeks, everything is kind of torn up.

I have a group assignment due for English Wednesday, and we haven't even started yet (it's going to be a children's book). That's probably not a good thing, right?

I'm trying to figure out the best time to go see Matrix. I don't have class Friday morning, so I'd go then, but I need to go get fingerprinted. I guess I could go afterwards, depending on when I get back, although not if I want to be a good sister and take Jamie with me.

Ehh, screw being a good sister.
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