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The Nemesis

Syd gets to settle an old score after Sark's lover (Merrin Dungey) joins him for a meeting with Sloane, who finds himself on the other side as a double-agent for the CIA. Meanwhile, Lauren (Melissa George) travels to Moscow for a lead on Lazarey's killer, who could be the Russian government's dirtiest little secret; and Vaughn realizes that his wife may be keeping a secret as big as the one he's hiding from her.

Yes! Secrets! Yes!

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The new bf will end up being Weiss, I'm sure of it.

The last I read with an interview with the actor is that while he might have liked that to be the case, it actually wasn't. He was just the "friend".

That and Lauren is evil, the big bad

Now, now. It's Sloane that's responsible for Syd's disappearance. We all know that. ;)
Ah yes...but she's the connection between the CIA/NSC? and Sloane - the coordinator of his pardon and all.

There's something goin on there, I swear it.

At least, believing that she's evil makes it possible to watch the show. I just don't think I could take the heartache without my precious illusions. ;)
It's true she is the NSC liason at the CIA, but I'm not sure it was her who approved the pardon. More likley it was the jerk that Sydney made spill water on his pants!

And if that's what it takes for you to watch the show, then that's what you need to believe. It's just not worth missing! :D