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The Nemesis

Syd gets to settle an old score after Sark's lover (Merrin Dungey) joins him for a meeting with Sloane, who finds himself on the other side as a double-agent for the CIA. Meanwhile, Lauren (Melissa George) travels to Moscow for a lead on Lazarey's killer, who could be the Russian government's dirtiest little secret; and Vaughn realizes that his wife may be keeping a secret as big as the one he's hiding from her.

Yes! Secrets! Yes!

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So far I don't think I've seen anyone say they LIKE blondie. I have seen varying degrees of dislike, though.

I think I'll kind of be annoyed if Weiss is the bf (how predictable) but I don't think JJ could bear to pass up the angst factor, what with Vaughn and Weiss being best friends. I'm sure it'll come down to the fact that Syd is trying to move on with her life. But can't. Cause she's still in love with Vaughn. Mwha.

It would be so cool if blondie turned out to have something to do with Syd's missing time. Thus far she seems too vapid, but it could all be a ruse. Then Syd could beat her with a hockey stick. Hee!