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Ah! Cuteness overload!

Kels, I got the VCDs, and... damn the Futurama finale was just so friggin' adorable!

And there was singing!

*squees so loud the windows rattle*
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That was the opera one, right? *Such* a cute ending - makes me happy every time I watch that ep. :)

So sad that's the last ep - but what a *fantastic* way to end the series. Just simple and sweet. :)
Fox cancelled it, yeah. I guess they're looking for someone to pick it up... I don't know what the liklihood is on that.
Those Simpsons & Futurama peeps just can't seem to stay away from doing musical numbers every so often. :D
Awwww! I haven't watched Futurama for SO LONG! Ack! *Aardie whacks herself across the head* any way you can send any of those to me? *pouts* Only kidding. Don't worry!
Yeah! I have 3 episodes online. Gimme your email and I'll send you the urls for my server :)