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Le dee da.

Killing time until I have to leave for tutoring. I need to remember to take the reference form to give to the tutor supervision.

*puts a post-it reminder on her forehead*

Amused myself by adding lots of lovely conservative (and other) links to my main page. It all started when I saw a flyer for on one of the kiosks (the idiot is supposed to be here this weekend, I think). Seeing anything conservativism-related on this campus is pretty surprising. Bunch of left-wing freaks.

(No offense to the left-wing freaks I consider friends. I love you anyway :D)

At 4:30, myself and another girl from my English class are going to interview an Education faculty member for an assignment. That faculty happens to be Marilyn Draheim, who is one of the heads of the department and probably the person who will be interviewing me for my credential candidacy. Gotta make sure I make myself pretty-- er, professional looking for that. Not that I look like a whore at the moment or anything, but, you know.

Creepy new Angel episode on tonight; looks cool.
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