Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

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This morning...

1. Went to class. Pushed professor's buttons with regard to the "humans vs nature" stereotype. Smirked.

2. Went to payroll to find out about my missing paycheck. Turns out they had it. Yeah, it was doing me a whole lot of good sitting in your frigging office.

3. Went to Home Depot to get some cheap ($10) education software I can review for my computer class.

4. Went to Spirit, the halloween store. Got Max (my dog) an angel costume. Hope it fits.

My muse is really chomping at the bit for nano to start. I ordered a nano t-shirt last night, too. I figure that'll make me have to finish, otherwise I won't be able to wear it without feeling like a shmuck, and if I can't wear it that's a waste of $15! Plus it goes towards their operational costs.

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