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Tonight's Alias

Oh, this was so the best episode so far this season. Syd looked rad, Weiss and Marshall are cute as buttons, SpyDaddy is all fatherly-like and even Sloane put a big ole grin on my face! I so know blondie has skeletons in that fer-ner closet of her's ;) And yay, now Vaughn has to keep a secret from her. Mwaha.

Syd and Vaughn are so adorable, even when they're fighting. He sooo wants her, and all the PDAs with blondie can't hide that.

Much excitement at the end of the ep. I have to figure that she put the tracker on Vaughn, and maybe was able to stab him somewhere particular that would be least likely to be lethal. But why did he wind up somewhere where he could be captured? Why did he leave the little hideout?

Next week... oh, blondie, you bitch. Starting to feel a wee bit threatened, are we? Good! Heehee. And was that hospital bed kissage I spied?

I need to make a S/V icon.

ETA: I made a S/V icon!

The pic is from the totally rockin' wallpapers that you should go see right now by clicking HERE.
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