That's pretty scary.

Heard that at Logan International (Boston) last week, 9 federal agents involved in testing security were able to get various weapons onto a plane from knives, and I think even a gun. Seems all that extra security is very effective.
Last year, as this year, I flew to Gatecon out of Sacramento International. It was only once I was in Van that I realized there had been a pocketknife in my carry-on (the bag I was using used to belong to my grandma, and she'd take it on fishing trips). This was a bag that went through the x-ray machine twice. Now, I know I have a trustworthy face, but that's ridiculous.
What's weird is that my mother has been called for having nail clippers in her carry on, and yet still people get through with all sorts of things without any hint of a problem.
Guess it all depends who gets caught. I mean, I don't think that the Sac people saw the knife and let me on anyway, I think they just completely missed it. Idiots.
That's more what I meant. They simply don't find the stuff. So much for better security.
Well, I don't think it's all a loss. I mean, they are catching stuff, as witnessed by the story I posted. It could always be better, but it could be worse too.
Yeah, but those bags were actually left on the plane. Someone got them on, and then left them there!
Yeah, that's the odd part. Makes you wonder if it was a test-run, or just someone trying to cause a panic...