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Election 2002

You know... I really wasn't going to say anything about this, sensitive as I am to my F.O.L.P. (Friends of Liberal Persuasion). And stop looking at me like that, guys; I really am. I don't even like bringing up politics with online friends (with a few exceptions) because, well, the first time that happened... it wasn't fun. I pretty much had to shut up or feel like I was risking making an enemy of her.

But I've been surfing around the LJ world and seen so much, erm, shall we say, vehement complaining about the results that I figured, geesh, I should at least work up the guts to toss my little hat into the air and let out a "Whoopie!"

Plus I thought every LJ entry that doesn't have to do with SG fandom makes me look at least, well, if not sane than at least more normal.

So... Whoopie!

And that's all I'm saying.

*Retrieves her little hat and skips off*
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