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Election 2002

You know... I really wasn't going to say anything about this, sensitive as I am to my F.O.L.P. (Friends of Liberal Persuasion). And stop looking at me like that, guys; I really am. I don't even like bringing up politics with online friends (with a few exceptions) because, well, the first time that happened... it wasn't fun. I pretty much had to shut up or feel like I was risking making an enemy of her.

But I've been surfing around the LJ world and seen so much, erm, shall we say, vehement complaining about the results that I figured, geesh, I should at least work up the guts to toss my little hat into the air and let out a "Whoopie!"

Plus I thought every LJ entry that doesn't have to do with SG fandom makes me look at least, well, if not sane than at least more normal.

So... Whoopie!

And that's all I'm saying.

*Retrieves her little hat and skips off*
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Plus I thought every LJ entry that doesn't have to do with SG fandom

*blinks* I don't understand. You mean there's something outside the SG fandom? Bah, blasphemy! You must be kidding...right? o_O
So I'm told... ;)

I mean, I kind of use this as my ranting board to get things off my chest. Plus I am in contact with people through LJ that I'm not through AIM, and it's fun to see what you guys think about things. At least most of the time *g* The downside is that it makes me look, um, obsessive. And I really do have a life. I mean, I could rant about how my CURR 87 professor's aide is a nincompoop and how annoying yet entertaining my creative writing class can be and how stressful it is not to be employed when you've gotten so used to those lovely biweekly checks...

I just figure that that kind of stuff is boring, so I rant internally or to my mom and no longer feel the need to bother all of you with it
Naw, it's not boring! It's just life - it happens :)

LJ is good for ranting. And the SG fandom for the past...oh...year has been rantworthy. And Season 7 means another year of campaigning and flames. Sigh.

Me <-- one of the few people who *don't* want a Season 7.
My Order of Stargate...
"I'll have a Season Seven, you can put the Daniel Jackson in there if you feel it's necessary, but no SDJ please."

"The Vengabus is coming and everybody's humming!"
Re: My Order of Stargate...
Okay, this I agree with totally. But alas, if DJ's in there's gonna be gloating and wanting more...if he's not there's gonna be more campaigning...meh. No-win situation. -_-
The bargain nobody wants!
Buy one Daniel Jackson, get his fans for free!

Common sense and logic not included in the fans. New action models froth at the mouth if you say 'Sam and Jack belong together' and have a variety of epithets for the fan/viewer/writer/producer who doesn't agree with their point of view.

Caution! The fans may act like hormonal teenyboppers while looking more like hot air balloons! (The hot air is a by-product of being a Daniel Jackson fan. There is sadly no known method to form a Daniel Jackson fan without the by-product being let off in copious amounts.)

Dude, your estimate of "what will happen" with Season Seven, I agree beyond totally.

But I wanna nuvva year of Stargate!