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A fwd from my aunt:

Being the sick & twisted sociopath that I am, I searched the web until I found it.

This is pretty graphic and disturbing! Not for the faint hearted.

Sigfried and Roy Tiger Attack Video
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Um, I think that counts as a Tigger attack video...

Tigger rules! Wild and untamed!
Okay, not watching the video, since I will probably go into panic attacks at having to know how to *fix* it in a few years, but I gotta say... were you kidding about listening to BSB? Because if you're admitting to a closet (v. v. shameful) liking of teenybopper, we actually *may* have something in common.
LOL. First of all, it's not an actual video silly. Just watch.

And yes, I own BSB's CDs... quite like the first 2, not quite as attached to the third. Don't know why I like their stuff when nsync makes me want to retch. Sometimes a little harmless uptempo stuff is fun.