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Thoughts on my Jonas-fic snippet

It's come to my attention that maybe some of you have taken offense at the snippet of Jonas-fic that I posted yesterday. That maybe you took it far too personally, forgot that these are fictional characters and I'm entitled to my interpretation, and made assumptions about the story that are waaay off the mark. When this came to my attention, it gave me a sort of warm, fuzzy feeling I can't accurately describe.

Of course I realize that politics (like religion and of course sports) is a touchy subject, and some of what I'm setting in Kelowna can pretty well be compared to current events on this planet. Heck, to a degree I'm using that to my advantage, as inspiration and also as a situation that a lot of my potential readers can relate to. I hadn't imagined that people would be relating to it so well that they were seeing themselves in a character after two out-of-context paragraphs. Go me!

However, Kelowna is not Earth, and the Terreneans and Andaris are not Saddam and Bin Laden ;) As I can write a story featuring Daniel without beating him to death with a hockey stick, so can I write a story about a war without reducing it to political propaganda.

That is all!

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