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Jonas fic snippet!!!

I am waaaay too excited about this.

He didn't wait for Enila to finish, shouldering past her with grim resolve, clenching his jaw as he sensed her following. "I am not going to get into this conversation," he said vehemently, refusing to look back.

"Why? Are you so afraid of questions?"

He stopped, turned, met her fire with some of his own. If his voice was too loud, if his words were too angry, anyone who noticed surely saw Enila and disregarded it all. "It has nothing to do with questions. The questions have all been asked and answered a thousand times and still no one's happy, because people like you don't like the answers we give."

Her eyes narrowed, sharpening into slivers of stone. "People like me?"

"Yes! People like you, all of you standing out there with your colors and your ridiculous chants. Embarrassments like you. Everyone knows the truth, Enila. The truth is that the Terreanians and Andaris are our enemies and have been for a very long time. The truth is that they would kill us all if we gave them the opportunity. Everyone knows the truth except for people like you."

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