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It's that time again!

"If it wasn't for the billing stating it, she would never have suspected MS was 2nd lead because he sure as heck isn't filmed or written that way [...] There are just two showcase episodes [in Season 1] for Daniel compared to Carter's five, and many more in which she plays an important part in the team action than Daniel does."

Here's your sign...
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The Vengabus is coming! And everybody's humming!
So if there was more Sam Carter than Daniel Jackson and the Season One ratings are so high, does it show that people are tuning in to watch AT spectacular performances and Sam Carter rather than His Glowing Octopusness?

Wow, all those "really high Season One ratings" are due to Sam Carter and not Daniel?

Man, does that put a spoke in the wheel of the SDJ...

Hey, wait a heck-darn minute!

They're the people who are spouting the "really high (thrice run, syndicated and stripped) Season One ratings" comparative to Season Six first-time ratings...