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Jonas-fic question

In Shadowplay...

Jonas says that Keiran was the one to recruit him into the Naquadria project, and that they worked side by side of 6 years. Now, Jonas oversaw things from an ethical standpoint. Based on this, what kind of position would Keiran have held? He's a doctor... but what kind of doctor is he?
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Probably something like Sam. It sounded like he was directly involved in creating the bomb.
Sounds... creepy *g*

I do agree that Keiran was instrumental in creating bomb... I guess I'm just uncertain about his role. Because if he was a part of the hard science, I don't see how he and Jonas would have worked 'side by side' for 6 years, seeing as how Jonas wasn't a part of the hard science. Does that make any sense?
I think jonas is to Kieran what Hailey is to Sam.

Kieran recruited Jonas and jonas' own intelligence got him further into the project.

I'm thinking mentor/prodigy type of relationship, with a little hero worship/father figure thrown in
He may not have been directly been involved in the hard science but he seemed to be a fast learner. *g*

I guess I might see him as the main liasson between the head government dude and the scientists. *shrugs*