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Another something special

***Warning Will Robinson... rantage ahead...***

I think they're still discussing this over on the awards list, but seeing as how I'm in the minority and don't have the energy nor the inclination to talk myself blue in the face over there... I'll do it over here *eg*

An awards category - nay, multiple categories - specifically for Meridian fix-it fic. Ye god.

Apparently Meridian is special, seeing how as, unlike any other episode, it hath impacted fic writers from all walks of life (slashers, genners, and all three Janet/Daniel shippers -- *grins and runs from Wrath of Sue*).

Now okay. Meridian is the only episode concerning a main character's flittering off like a radioactive squid. This is true. But from what I understand of the term 'fix-it fic', we're not talking about a category dealing with stories exploring the episode (like my fic, Between the Dark and the Daylight. Yeah, I'm shameless, but it's my LJ *g*). We're talking about fics from people who didn't like how the episode went and so rewrote it.

This is very common. It's called 'episode based fic'. And maybe there's been a lot of it for Meridian; I don't know. I read fic from SJers and good gen writers, who don't obsess over Meridian or His Radioactive Squidliness. But for the sake of argument, say there is. There have been other episodes that have generated a lot of fic... shouldn't they all get their own categories? If we're talking about volume, or popularity, I can rattle off a handful of episodes that are special enough.

Really, let's just call it what it is... a Daniel Tribute category. And all the little prolific obsessives can come nominate their most favoritist stories where Daniel survives thanks to his own great goodness and Jonas dies a horrible death while the other members of SG1 (Jackums, the black guy and the blonde chick) stand around sporadically touching Daniel to remind themselves of his existence and great goodness.

And then we can make it so the winning stories for Best Jack-Best Sam-Best Teal'c-Best Jonas fic are actually stories about Daniel. But wait, we've already done that.
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While I'm ranting (again) something that really bugs me, is people who will sit there and make fun of the 6th series and Jonas without bothering to actually watch it.

It reminds me of the whole X-Files thing, after David Duchovny scaled down his involvement, and Robert Patrick was brought in.

The fandom was awash with people yelling about how the show would never be watchable without DD, and bashing the character of Doggett before he'd even arrived on the show.

Then when the new season actually started, lists were full of people saying how awful the DD-less episodes were, but if you were to ask them what was wrong with them, they would have to admit that they hadn't even watched the new eps. "I've never seen Doggett, but he's not Mulder so he must be bad."

Admittedly, the last couple of seasons of the X-Files were pretty bad, but that doesn't change the fact that people should watch the show and judge it on its merits, or lack thereof, rather than blindly condemning people.

In case you can't tell, it annoys me.
But you know, the thing of it is... I was a part of XF fandom when that all happened. I wasn't nearly as out among the rabble as I am in SG fandom, pretty much stayed on certain lists, but I never personally saw as much nastiness levelled towards RP as has been hurled at poor CN.

Plus, there's a big difference between MS on SG and DD on XF. DD was, you know, kind of one of the two leads