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Well isn't that nice...

Heard something interesting tonight.

Apparently on OS there is much shocked gasping and weeping regarding the fact that there was (apparently) a group of gals at SG5 chanting "Daniel's dead". How horrible, they say, clutching at their hearts, for those women to be taken 'petty pleasure' in other fan's pain. Yet when the chant is "Ha, no more SJ ship!" well, that's not the same thing at all, I suppose. Eh, Spazzy?
Ok, so that may have been us *looks sheepish*. We were watching the MS/DJ tribute Music Vid on the big screen for like the 100th time last weekend, and we got so fed up with it, we just kept shouting "He's dead get over it" for the rest of the weekend.

I personally think that Jonas/Corin is a lot more entertaining than Daniel/Michael ever was and is a damn site better looking. He's still not quite as cute as RDA though, lets give him 20 years and see how he looks *beg* :D
*sniggers* I heard that video was overplayed.

But still, you think that gives you the right to heckle and taunt those poor, poor people who, after over a year, still aren't over the non-death of a fictional character??? You heartless wench!

Don't ever change ;)