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Yep, I watched per Rob's recomendation ;)

So far, I'm kind of ho-hum about it. I wasn't exactly displeased, and there were definitely parts I liked. The bit between Syd and Vaughn at the end just shows what a terrific actress JG is. And I *heart* Weiss. But overall I'm still disappointed with the show for the reset button stunt. It's just so... soap operaish. And Alias is better than that.

So maybe it was that, or maybe something else, but it was just missing some... sparkageness. I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat during the fight scenes like I was last week. Which is kinda sad, cause last week I really looked forward to Sundays in a paradoxical, end-of-the-weekend kind of way.

And you know, I just realized Will wasn't in this entire episode. Snerk.
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