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UPN has officially changed the title of Enterprise to Star Trek: Enterprise "to further capitalize on and form a stronger connection to the famous and highly successful" franchise. Trekkers need not worry: A network insider assures me that viewers will continue to get the same subpar show they've come to expect.
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Still the headache? That sucks.

LOL @ UPN. They deliberately didn't want toc all it Star Trek for a reason. Apparently they forgot that!
To form a stronger connection?

Uh, now correct me if I'm wrong here, but the whole reason that it wasn't originally called Star Trek: Enterprise was because they didn't want that strong connection to the Star Trek franchise.


Love the icon, by the way.
Obviously low ratings do bad things to principles. See, they thought if they made the show less Trekky, it would draw not only the slavishly-dependant Trekkers, but also a new crowd. Now that it's not drawing much of either, they're saying 'screw the new crowd' and going after the old ones.

Plus the porn element. Apparently they are abiding by the Baywatch credo: If the ratings are low, the clothing must go.

Phhff to them.
If the ratings are low, the clothing must go.

Really? I hadn't noticed....

It's the gratuitous rubbing in decon gel (funny that T'Pol seems to need a lot of that stuff) and tops falling off while slipping through open hatches that get me. It's like something out of bad fanfiction.