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Has anyone around here ever read Margaret Atwood's "A Handmaid's Tale"? I had to read an excerpt for my English class, and now I'm kind of hooked despite myself. It was only written in 1985, but is it online anywhere, or maybe available somewhere really, really... nice and cheap?
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I like these colors better. Just a tad dark...but no pink. :D
Ooh, great book. Very dark and... yeah. I highly recommend it. Try secondhand bookstores if you don't want to buy it new... or maybe "old/used" copies through or something similar.

The movie adaption is ok -- not brilliant but worth a look if you've read the book. Also, there's a very good "X Files" fanfic that plays in the Handmaid universe (Mulder/Scully) on the 'net... somewhere. *g*
Can you see if the nearest public library has a copy? I used to have a copy, but I checked our bookshelves and can't find it, so I must have loaned it out and never retrieved it.

Library or used bookstore. Even if you paid full price for a paperback, the book is worth it. Atwood is a marvelous writer.
I read that...probably a million years ago. I remember enjoying it, but don't remember specifics. And don't bother with the movie adaptation - that I remember, and it was *not* good. Ugh. :P
I realise from a later post that you found it at the library or something, but I figured I'd reply anyway. :)

I've read it, and it's good. Very, very dark - I got rather stunningly depressed after reading it for the first time - but now I kind of like it in a slightly masochistic way. There's just something about Offred that I like, I think. It may also help that I'm an atheist and therefore particular receptive to the idea of a dystopic society rooted in fundamentalist Christianity, but... yeah, any more and I'm going to start really giving things away. :)
let me see if I have it on a CD....all those ebooks, you know.