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Another day (night), another LJ layout. I'm telling you, it's become a sickness. The preset schemes were just so ugly that I had to come up with my own colors. So far I think everything is readable, although I'd really like to use some fonts that they don't provide. Oh well. That's what I get for shunning the teachings of the wise HTML ones.

Watched a little bit of the most recent Charmed episode tonight. Laughed my butt off. Seriously, I had to reattach it. Also watched the series premiere of Futurama. Man, I so need to ask for those DVDs for Christmas. And a DVD player to watch them on, I suppose.

I've been way too bored lately, which I think is why the muse has gone into hiding. She seems to be most active when I have 5000 other things to do... usually around midterms. But now, when I have my afternoons free and my evenings (not counting quality time with the TV) open, she sneaks off to who-knows-where.

Ppphhff to her.

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