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Lazy cuss...

Had a nice 3-hour nap when I came back from class this afternoon (had the weirdest damn dream about a SG episode where Sam gets turned into a turtle), got up, watched a Buffy repeat (good episode, but I always seem to see the same ones over and over, and miss the ones that everyone recommends). Just finished eating my dinner -- a dorm hall hamburger, which is pretty good as dorm food goes.

Have I done any homework? Nope.

Have I done any writing? Nope.

Have I worked on the webzine at all?

clears throat


Now I'm listening to the Giants-Astros game. Tomorrow is the last regular-season away game. Sniffle. I miss baseball already.

Experimenting with vitamins... namely, One A Day's "energy formula", with ginseng and b-vitamins. We'll see how that goes.

Got computer class at 7. I think we're going to learn how to do newsletters tonight. Gee, I hope I can handle it.

Quote of the week: "Powdered sugar is the natural enemy of the epiglottis."

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