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Calling all Jonas-fans...

I really want to do a Jonas mini-zine.

Really really.

Something along the lines of Kawoosh as far as size goes.

Gen, family-rated stories about Jonas and the team.

The deadline would probably be March or April 2004.

If you're interested, please email me -- or go ahead and post here if you don't have my addy.

(PS: If you write, I'm going to harass you anyway, so you might as well just volunteer.)
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I like your new background image :-p

and is there a minim of pages/words? Not that I will write or anything 'cause it would suck next to any other writer out there ;) but well...just to know *g*
Well, I already bent your ear at Gatecon about my Sam & Jonas friendship story. It shall be written! :)
I'm not a huge Jonas nut Alli, but I may take a crack at it. Have to really think about it though. I would love to get into one of the zines you all have put together!

I wouldn't mind helping writing.. If you want helping. But first off, what's a zine again? *grins sheepishly*
mmmhm, 5 pages about jonas in the next 3 months...should be able to do something
So, i assume the harassing will go both ways? And you'll write something for Revelation II?
I'm interested, although my muse went AWOL a few months ago. I'm sure I'll forget if I'm not reminded a few times, so I'll volunteer!