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So, I'm back.

And after that vacation, I could really use a vacation ;)

I know, poor me.

Everyone's been posting their con reports and I'm not really sure what I can add. Maybe I'll just skim through the weekend.

I left on Wednesday morning... or I tried. Ten minutes after takeoff from Sacramento the captain came over the PA and said that there were some odd vibrations in the cabin and that we might have sucked a bird into one of the engines. To be on the safe side - which is a good side to be on when one is thousands of feet in the air - we turned around and went back. We all ended up on the next plane to Seattle, which left two hours later. Because of this, I missed my connection at SeaTac and had to wait around for six hours until there was an opening. So I changed my schedule to come back today instead of yesterday. I'm very protective of my vacation days ;)

I got into Vancouver pretty late on Wednesday, but the cool part was that AC was on my flight. We made it to the hotel on the shuttle and were accosted in the hotel lobby by Katt and Kels, who had been watching - I think - from their balcony. I went to my room and we all basically crashed.

Thursday we went to Steveson, walked around, saw the sights, ate some really good frozen yogurt and tried to figure out where different bits of Nightwalkers were filmed. Went to Horizons that night and the food was great, even if it was damned cold after the sun went down.

The panels during the weekend were all fun. There was a minimum of stupid questions and even the boxers and briefs thing to the GC virgins wasn't as annoying as it was last year. MS showed up on Saturday and laughed at the idea of Sam/Daniel. He said that Daniel knew something happened between Jack and Sam in the WoO time loops, although exactly what happened is a mystery. Michael Greenburg confirmed that S8 will only be 20 episodes long. My feeling is that the other two hours will be made up when (when, not if... I'm being positive) the movie happens. Corin and Colin said that if Jack wasn't in the picture, Sam, Davis and Jonas could have a threesome. Alex Zahara said that the character of Michael in 1969 was an homage to Michael Greenburg. Colin wears thigh-high pantyhose... or did on Saturday. Corin is working on a project that he's written and will co-produce and star in. Steve Majak was peeved by Makepeace's treason in Shades of Gray and seemed enthusiastic about a PAROLE MAKEPEACE campaign. Teryl remembered the HW by our bracelets. Don met George Lemming. Martin Wood stopped by and got to hear a big cheer when the WoO kiss was played on screen. Apparently his HW dog tags are still an intergral part of his Major Wood costume ;)

I got photos with Corin and Steve, got Corin's autograph for a friend, and Teryl's autograph for my cousin Shelby (thanks Denise!) I drank a maragrita and rum & Pepsi, and now that I'm back in the States I have to wait three weeks til I'm legal again.

I'm sure I'll think of more things as the days progress. If anyone has any questions, ask away and I'll try to answer :D

Now... need to do some homework and start brainstorming new lj icons...

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