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"Vaughn asks where they are and Syd tells him that they're in France. "France? Really? France," he blithers. Hee. He's damn cute. Syd tells him she has to make tracks before Dixon wonders where she is. "You can get back to Los Angeles, right?" she asks. He nods and then absolutely beams at her in the most adorable way. She's all, what was that for? He's all, you saved my life, gurgle gurgle gurgle. She's all, I'll see you in L.A., you delicious slice of beef. He's all, okay, my goddess. And then they just look at each other for a second and, yeah, my knees went all fluttery. They're sooooo in luuuuurrrvvvve. Sigh. Squeak. Squibble."
-- Television Without Pity, Alias (episode 2x01 - The Enemy Walks In)

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