Not a lot to it, is there? Still, you seem to have squeezed yourself in pretty well. Do like the printer sitting on top of the microwave. ;)
I could never imagine sharing with anyone. Thankfully I never had to have that experience.
it looks nice *g*

is a shame that we tend to go to unis that are in the same city or that are nearby. would be cool to be away and alone without annoying person to share room with *hehe*
Well I'm near where I live too... about an hour. But I still have my own place -- at least during the week :D
So nice and cosy! I wish I had a room like that! But where is the Inflatable Jack? *grins*
In the closet, of course! But I think he's busy with Inflatable Sam. Good thing Inflatable Jonas fits under the bed...
I like the poster!

and the black pc is like the ones we have at college!

*waves at the fish*