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Here fishie fishie

It occured to me that I've kind of been slacking off with my LJ posting.

I got a second fish last week! His name is Teal'c, although if anyone asks... it's Murray :D It was going to be Janet, but the fish that the pet store guy snarred was big and orange-and-brown and just really struck me as a Teal'cish fish. He and Jonas have been getting along very well. I'm back at home for the weekend, and they're still at school, and I kind of miss the little buggers.

I've taken to deleting certain peoples posts on SJ, even though I'm a mod and really should be reading everything to catch the baddies. Eh, I don't care. I can only take so much pessimistic, bitter bile. I mean, listen, I'm as big a shipper as anyone and, being the sexual-revolution-mutant that I am, I wouldn't mind if every character on the show went 'without any' for the entire run of the series! I just don't see the point of throwing myself into a depressed tizzy, or beating up Amanda, because of it. It's one guy, one episode (well, two, but only the one really matters) out of, like, 150 when all is said and done, and like Joe said... Jack knows he's the better man. We know he's the better man. Sam's just in denial. Poor, non-perfect Sam ;)

Anyway, I'm focusing on Gatecon. Gatecon, yay!

*ducks rotten veggies thrown by con non-attendees.
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The way I figure it
Not that you really asked but here's my opinion on the whole thing. I think that, like many of us, she's going through a "I have to move on" phase but she'll ultimately realize that any other relationship will feel empty and incomplete. It's natural to want to move on, especially when she's completely powerless to act on her emotions with Jack right now. Doesn't make her a slut or a hussy - it makes her human.

As for AT - whatever. She oscillates as most of us do depending on the question asked and her mood at the time. She's never been consistent on the ship thing - I'm not sure why people would expect her to start now.

That's my story, positive thinking that it is, and I'm sticking to it. ;)