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Sean and Arnold

Here's a transcription (whew, tired fingers) of part of Arnold Schwarzenegger's interview on Sean Hannity's radio program yesterday. It's not all of it, and I can't vouch that every word is 100% correct. You can hear it yourself on Sean's website. But I thought it was interesting because it's the first place I've seen him lay out his position on so many issues.

I'm not going to defend the guy or bash him, for that matter, so don't expect me to ;)

Sean Hannity: People are asking, where does Arnold stand on a lot of the issues, and I know you're beginning to lay out a lot of your different plans, your economic plan... But I wanted to do something I don't think anyone else has done with you yet, and I want to just get very quick answers to just a few of the issues that affect all of us. And you don't have to give me specifics, just give me your general position, so the people maybe can get a little more of an insight into your thinking, how you stand on some issues. Can we do that?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sure.

SH: For example, do you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice?

AS: Pro-choice.

SH: Do you support partial-birth abortion?

AS: I do not support partial-birth abortion.

SH: Are you in favor of parental notification?

AS: I am, but in some cases, where there is abuse in the family, or problems in the family, then that the courts should decide.

SH: Do you support gay marriage?

AS: I do support domestic partnership.

SH: But not gay marriage?

AS: No. I think marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.

SH: Do you support the Brady Bill or the Assault Weapons Ban or both?

AS: Yes, I support that, and also I would like to close the loophole of the gun shows.

SH: Okay. Do you support affirmative action?

AS: We have not gotten into the affirmative action and also Proposition 54.

SH: Do you support 54?

AS: I said we haven't gotten into the issue, I'm fleshing it out right now, having meetings about that.

SH: Okay, fair enough. What about drivers licenses for illegal aliens?

AS: I vote no on that.

SH: How about services for illegal aliens?

AS: Well, we have to - that's a complicated issue because what we have to do is find a way of including them... you know, there have been amnesty deals... but this is an issue with the federal government because the governor has nothing really much power over those things.

SH: Sure.

AS: It is a federal issue and I think that is one thing I would like to work on if I become governor, really work things out so we come up with a solution once and for all. Because one thing, you know, we have to deal with it, because there are people working here, many of them have worked here for many, many years, and are doing a great job, so we have to figure out how we handle that.

SH: Okay. Would you think drug legalization was a bad idea?

AS: It is a bad idea. Although I would legalize, you know, the medical use--

SH: Marijuana?

AS: Marijuana.

SH: Okay. You wouldn't decriminalize marijuana, would you?

AS: I would not... as long as it was for medical use, I would not consider them as criminals.

SH: What about school vouchers, Mr. Schwarzenegger? Do you support school vouchers for education?

AS: I think at that point it is very important that we work with the current system. And as you know, with the No Child Left Behind Act that President Bush has put forward, you have a chance, that if your school has failed, that you can go and take your child to another school. I believe in that. I think it gives us choices, gives the parents choices, which is extremely important, because you don't want to have your kid lag behind because there is bad education in the schools.

SH: So almost limited vouchers, if you will.

AS: Exactly. And I think the important thing again is that we work on education and really make sure the kids have the first run at our treasury rather than, you know, wasting the money away and having no money left for the children.

SH: Prayer in school?

AS: I believe in prayer in school and I think it should be up to the schools, you know, what religion they belong and what direction they want to go.

SH: Would you allow oil companies to drill off the coast of California if it helps--

AS: No, absolutely not. I believe we should stop the oil drilling and I think our state government and federal government should negotiate to buy back the leases.

SH: Do you support the President overall, generally speaking... maybe have slight disagreements in his war on terror and the war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

AS: Well I think he has been doing a great job, I supported the war in Iraq... as a matter of fact, I was over there visiting the troops in Iraq and Kuwait and they're very brave soldiers and they're really risking their lives for this country so that you and I have the freedom we enjoy, and we can do business here, and that people can become rich and people have the right to live here protected... I believe in all that, yes.

- - -

AS: The first thing I will do when I go into Sacramento is put a spending cap on those politicians because they cannot help themselves, they are addicts, they should go to an addiction place because it is ridiculous to spend monies that you don't have.

- - -

SH: Would you take a pledge that, barring any new emergency, you will not raise taxes?

AS: Absolutely.

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