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The continuation of Hell Week

Got a call from the Saturn guy this afternoon that my car was done -- it was the alternator and the fan belt. $390+. Choke. The good news is that he was going to be able to send a guy out to pick me up and bring me to the dealership. Which made Mom a little nervous, but I was okay with it. Anyway, the driver shows up and we head off to the dealership, which is about ten minutes away. About five minutes away, guess what?

Yup. Car problems. Smoking breaks.

The driver had forgotten his cell phone, so he used mine to call the mechanic so he could come pick us up. By now it's 3pm, and I have my computer class at 330.

The mechanic shows up and picks me up, takes me to the dealership. I pick up the car, write the check (ouch!) and get the heck back to school. I hurry into class a few minutes after it started, only to find out from the professor (in front of everyone else) that my advisor told me to sign up for the wrong computer class. 134 when I should be in 161. It's a credential thing.

Anyway, this in itself is no biggie, but with the shitty day I had yesterday, my car dying, the printer dying, and just the simple stress of going back to school... I was trying not to tear up as I went to find out about the new class I have to take.

In the end, it went okay. I can't stand the professor who teaches 134, and 161 is worth more units. I was able to drop the old class and add the new one online. It's a Tuesday evening class, from 4 to 740pm, but I'm usually on the computer then anyway ;)

I went to Circuit City and bought my new printer. The stupid USB cord was almost as much as the printer itself, and it came to around $70. I wonder if I have any money left in my checking account. Anyway, I got a HP Deskjet 3520 which installed without a hitch. Yay.

To top it off, I went to my 6pm first aid class tonight... and the professor never showed.

My God I hope tomorrow goes better.

*sits back and waits for Futurama to come on*

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