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For SJ writers:

Dating Your Best Friend

Extra special fudgy brownie points for anyone who can work this into a fic! *g*
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*g* Welcome to my life!

Cool, so now I need tips on how to pull your best friend without looking a total numpty, which could - in theory - be SJ fic research. Ish.
I married my best friend. Sounds like fun fic, too. *wanders off while petting new plot bunny*
*sigh!* I am tempted to work this into a fic? But I think that I would just end up crying or CARGing everyone.

*grabs CARG and gets ready to cream certain someone whose brains are made of tapioca - of the horrible horrible kind!*
Excuse the liberty . . .

Drabble: "Would you say we're friends?"
by Jeannette Simpson

"Would you say we're friends, sir?"
"Friends, Carter?"
"Yes, sir. As in . . . well . . . friends."
"Carter, if you were my friend, you'd tell me where that damned mole of yours is."
"Teal'c knows, sir."
"Teal'c? . . . Huh, he never told me."
"No . . . well, it is kind of private, sir."
"So how come Teal'c is privy to your private . . . Say, just how private is this thing?"
She grinned.
"Anything you'd like to tell me, Carter?"
"I wouldn't reveal that to even my very best friend . . . sir."