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Did some moving-back-in prep today. Drove to school and checked into my dorm after buying books (only three books! Only $166! Yay!). Took some furniture measurements. Mopped the floor. Put down the rug. Came home and ate lunch. Went to the store and bought a plant (see below) and some stuff to cover my desk and dresser. The real move-in day will be tomorrow... 4 people, 2 cars and all of my junk... or at least most of it. That's the nice thing about living only an hour away and coming home on the weekends.

I need to remember to take the digital camera with me tomorrow, so I can take pictures of the finished product and show off my humble abode. You know, according to the measurements I took, my room is about 72 square feet. Almost half of that is covered up with furniture.

Ahh, the joys of living in a closet.

Hard to believe that I'll be back in class only 930 Monday morning. Yech. At least the classes look OK so far. I still have no idea what the hell 'writing in the disciplines' is, but since I'll be missing 3 classes of it for Gatecon, I hope it's something I can learn about on a plane ;) And 'classical mythology' looks really neat... I'm excited about that one :)

Now, I have to ask...

What should I name my new fern?

(S)he's small and green and ruffled and kind of fuzzy.
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Okay, starfinn is right. Fern should be Lya.

As for dorm room, is it permissible/feasible for you to get a loft? Made all the difference in my dorm life. Especially when my roomie was studying OrgoChem with 2 or 3 other people until ungodly hours -- it really was almost like sleeping on another floor. Well, not quite. But still nice, and we reclaimed enough of the room to have a couch and still be able to walk.
Loft. My roomie's dad built ours (I lucked into a local -- he was actually a prof there) and it was a bit more substantial. We actually had both beds up off the floor, but our ceiling was high enough that we could afford to do it that way and still walk around. He actually built it with slightly narrower lumber on the side of the bedframe away from the wall, specifically so I could walk under it. The next year they changed the rules, so we had to take six inches off the legs. I gave myself a concussion on it once -- didn't duck quite far enough, and caught right on the top of my head where the suture joint of the skull is. %-{ Rather an embarrassing tale to have to tell at the Health Center.

At any rate, the photos I linked to are fairly typical, and I've heard there are lots of build-your-own instructions out there. It doesn't have to be overly complicated to reclaim some real estate.
Ah, right. Most people do lift their beds up, although I have an AC duct above the window so I can't go up too high. Although most folks don't get so fancy... they just stack cinder blocks ;)

And I sympathize... I whacked my head on the corner of a shelf my first week at school last year, and I was so dizzy that my friends talked me into doing to the health center. Rather embarassing. I'm sure I gave the nurses a laugh.
I whacked my head on the corner of a shelf my first week at school last year, and I was so dizzy that my friends talked me into doing to the health center

{nods} It's such a crapshoot -- you don't have to hit it all that hard. It just has to be the right way. I've had two concussions, one from walking into the loft and one from a misjudged kick in a fight rehearsal. (Poor girl was still guilting when I ran into her at an audition a year later!) But I've also whacked my noggin many a time that was much harder than either of those, and been perfectly fine.
If you haven't decided yet, then how about picking a name from classical mythology?