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Did some moving-back-in prep today. Drove to school and checked into my dorm after buying books (only three books! Only $166! Yay!). Took some furniture measurements. Mopped the floor. Put down the rug. Came home and ate lunch. Went to the store and bought a plant (see below) and some stuff to cover my desk and dresser. The real move-in day will be tomorrow... 4 people, 2 cars and all of my junk... or at least most of it. That's the nice thing about living only an hour away and coming home on the weekends.

I need to remember to take the digital camera with me tomorrow, so I can take pictures of the finished product and show off my humble abode. You know, according to the measurements I took, my room is about 72 square feet. Almost half of that is covered up with furniture.

Ahh, the joys of living in a closet.

Hard to believe that I'll be back in class only 930 Monday morning. Yech. At least the classes look OK so far. I still have no idea what the hell 'writing in the disciplines' is, but since I'll be missing 3 classes of it for Gatecon, I hope it's something I can learn about on a plane ;) And 'classical mythology' looks really neat... I'm excited about that one :)

Now, I have to ask...

What should I name my new fern?

(S)he's small and green and ruffled and kind of fuzzy.
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