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Okay, I have got to ask

I've been pondering this for the last week or so, and finally decided to bite the bullet and bring it up. This query was inspired by a few people but not directed at anyone in particular; if it applies to you, feel free to answer. If it doesn't... er, go away ;)

I'm curious about comments some of my non-American friends have made pertaining to Arnold Schwarzenegger running for govenor of California, generally along the lines of "I wish he was running for office here" or "if he was running out here, I'd vote for him".

This interests me because I know there are very few Californians who know what Arnold's stances are on various issues, even fewer (percentage-wise) people across the nation, and so - I have to assume - virtually no one outside the US who can tell me what his position is on tax increases vs spending cuts, what his involvement was with Proposition 49, his opinion on the Clinton impeachment, etc. Now, I could very well be wrong... but I'm going to take the chance that I'm not ;)

So, what is it about Arnold, the man himself, not his politics, that makes him so immediately vote-able to you outsiders? Is it just that he's Arnold Schwarzenegger, *movie star and all around cool guy*? Does it just amuse you to picture such a popular actor suddenly playing a politican? What is it?

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