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Because Yam pointed out that I haven't posted a fic snippet in a while

From Sleepers 2:

He straightened and saw her, stepping forward, as always, for a strong hug. Her dad's hugs were as indicative as anything else of the changes he had undergone since being blended. He hadn't been an affectionate man when she'd been growing up... although maybe that wasn't completely fair. She'd never doubted, either before or after her mother's death, that he loved her, but he hadn't shown it in the tactile sense. He hadn't been the touchy-feely type. When it had come to displays of affection, nine times out of ten she had been the one to initiate it.

That had changed dramatically in the intervening years. Most of the time she was glad - hell, most of the time she thanked her lucky stars that Dad had wound up with a Tok'ra like Selmak - although she still wasn't completely comfortable with the New Jacob Carter. Four years could not simply erase thirty.

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