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Woo! My new computer is in Fresno, which means it should have arrived by Friday! Yay!

And my boys won! Yay 'gain! It was pretty funny... there were a bunch of *cough*fairweather*cough* Giants fans in class tonight, and since I had brought my radio, I was giving regular reports on the status of the game all through Mrs. O's art lesson. Oh well. My boy Snow is much more important than 2 point perspective.

I even managed to work on my short story, which I think I'm going to call
The creature continues to grow. Like a hot air balloon fed by some unseen force, it expands as it rises towards the ceiling, fattening and lengthening. But no balloon would bloat so obscenely; no balloon possesses the rough, crackled, mottled flesh or violent green eyes or fangs as long as a man's arm and twice as thick.

The thing stretches in its blood-red skin, its horned tail in a lashing frenzy that threatens to cause serious structural damage. Wicked fangs sprout quite unexpectedly past leathery lips coated in a sheen of slime, curled in a fiendish smile. Propelled by short, dangerously clawed hind legs, the creature moves in a tight circle, its reptilian belly rasping against the concrete ground. Viewed from all angles now, it is unquestionably a demon; you would not be surprised to see a bit and harness in the thing's wide mouth, clenched between the square jaws and knife-like teeth, and Satan himself riding atop the flat head.

Facing front again, the creature from Hell rears back slightly on those stumpy hind legs, its skull brushing the high ceiling, and grimaces at the thin blonde woman sitting on the ground. It is impossible to tell whether the expression is angry or pleased, but the thing's emotional state is not high on your list of concerns as it works those powerful jaws and leans down, preparing for the killing bite.

"Is that the best you can do?" asks the woman, sounding bored..

Yeah, I'm in a weird mood.

And oh... thank God for Morpheus. I went almost two months without being able to download any music here at school, and it was killing me. And while Morpheus may be slow as hell, at least it works past the firewall, so bless its media-filtching little arse.

Some song reccs for those interested:

Splender -- Save it For Later
Diamond Rio -- Beautiful Mess
LeeAnn Womack -- Something Worth Leaving Behind
Duncan Sheik -- On a High
Dana Glover -- Thinking Over
Leann Rimes -- Life Goes On
Live -- Forever May Not Be Long Enough (from The Mummy Returns)
Faith Hill -- Cry
Lifehouse -- Spin
Pink -- Don't Let Me Get Me and Just Like a Pill
John Mayer -- Your Body is a Wonderland
Santana feat. Michelle Branch -- The Game of Life
Nickleback -- Too Bad
Jack Johnson -- Flake
Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale


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